You Can Find the Secret Ingredient for Clear Skin in Your Morning Breakfast
It’s no secret that we harbor a deep love for innovative K-beauty products, particularly those that get creative with their ingredients (snail slime creams, anyone?). That said, the latest skincare goods to catch our attention feature something you’re definitely used to seeing (and eating). In other words, it’s time to put a certain, protein-packed breakfast ingredient to work.
“Eggs are a great source of protein and fat-soluble vitamins,” says dermatologist and founder of DDF Skincare Dr. Howard Sobel. “Egg whites alone can be used to help minimize and tighten pores, as well as lift and decrease puffiness around the eyes.
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Here Are the Brands That Will Let You Return Opened Beauty Products
Plus, 30 lipsticks in 30 days, a 30-second tip for an instant eyebrow lift, and plenty of news that doesn't involve the number 30.
Did you know that some brands will let you return opened beauty products? This is what happens when Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist does Katy Perry’s hair.
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Home Made Beauty Products
WWhen Fatima Al Jahwari, an enthusiastic entrepreneur was young, she suffered a series of allergic attacks, and her mother used dried Sidr leaves to treat the rashes.
The leaves had a magical healing effect, which intrigued her, and Fatima grew up hoping that one day she would be able to understand the seemingly magical, medicinal properties of Sidr leaves, and share their healing power with Omani people in a more organised and professional way.
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These Are The Beauty Products Dermatologists Actually Want You To Use
Thanks to the Interwebs, everyone has a vocal opinion, and few parts of the blogosphere are more vocal than the section focused on finding the best beauty products. That’s usually a positive thing—First Amendment rights, and all. But when it comes to sifting through facts and opinions, the search gets harder. It’s especially true when you’re shopping for something new — in this case, makeup and skincare. From beauty bloggers to endorsed celebrities to posted reviews, there’s an influx of opinion and few facts.
So instead of basing my beauty opinions on a third party review, I took it to the experts to tell me which products I should actually be investing in.
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7 Beauty Products That Sound Like BS — But Actually Work
We don’t want to be cynical — honestly, we don’t. It’s no way to live. But we can't help but roll our eyes at some of the products that cross our desks. Snail secretions?Acne-reducing pillowcases? Lotion made from foreskin cells?
Turns out, some of the craziest sounding beauty ingredients and treatments (you know, like injecting a neurotoxin called Botox to relax wrinkles?) are actually legit. Here are some wacky ones that may be worth a second look.

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